How have I been doing this for 32 years and I feel only 36!? Music keeps you young! Key to life!

I grew up in Wisconsin, cruising around my small town and cranking my favorite songs with my friends in the car – Prince, Madonna, Tears For Fears, Modern English, etc – you know, all the 80’s great!

I went to college for fashion merchandising but didn’t dress a star in the first week, so I got bored and quit. What I did next changed my world – I called my favorite radio station at the time (Hot 102 WLUM, Milwaukee), talked to the DJ and I said “How did you become a DJ?” She told me, and here I am a zillion years later still doing what I love!

I arrived in in Florida in 2006. Before then I was in Atlanta, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you follow that path backwards, you can see I was heading south this whole time! Cold and I don’t get along, unless it’s fall with some cool boots and a sweater. But give me cider please, not a PSL.

What’s my favorite album? Who’s my favorite artist? Sheesh, I am always saying “this is my favorite, that’s my favorite”. But my tip-tops are Madonna and Prince. Albums are 1999 and Ray Of Light. First record I bought with my own money – The Knack/My Sharona on 45!

My first concert (my mom won tickets on the radio WTMJ, Milwaukee) Capt and Tennille! Of course I saw Donny and Marie at the Wisconsin State Fair when I was about 8 but my first concert where I knew what the heck was going on **teenager** – Culture Club! AMAZING!

When I’m not playing the Greatest Hits Of The 70’s, 80’s and 90’s on Sunny 1079, you might find me on the beach (all the time) or shopping (all the time, sometimes I do it while I’m on the beach – thank you Amazon).

I have the coolest son on the planet – Hunter – who lives here in South Florida as well. He graduated from Full Sail University in 2020 and is on his way to becoming the next big movie director, producer of the world!

I have a pet cat – Zsa Zsa, she’s ceramic and wears fur and Gucci. Coincidentally, so do I!

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