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So let’s see…when did it all start for me?  When did I think “Hey, I should totally be on the radio!” Well, I’ve always been a huge fan of music and grew up when MTV actually played videos and our worlds revolved around what was happening on MTV!  I fell in love with Prince the first time I saw his Little Red Corvette video. (That could have been the start of my Corvette addiction too…I’ve had numerous)  I knew my closet would change forever when I saw the Madonna videos Borderline and Lucky Star!  My bedroom was covered inDuran Duran posters, Charles and Diana pictures and a huge Benetton logo I painted on the wall.  That was short lived, my mother made me paint over it.  I had parachute pants, Z Cavariccis, huge hair that I had to slouch in the car so my bangs wouldn’t hit the top.  My bffs – Dawn, Sharon and Kris and I would go dancing every weekend at a place called “21 Below” in Milwaukee (Did it mean it was always cold in Milwaukee – kind of , but it really meant it was a 21 and below club) and we all worked at McDonald’s in our hometown of Oconomowoc, WI.  Ohhhhhh to be young and to do it all over again!

Anyway, I went to college for Fashion Merchandising and realized – nope, this is boring.  So I called my favorite DJ on my favorite radio station in Milwaukee – Hot 102 – WLUM – Holly Anderson. I said “Hey, how did you become a DJ?”  She told me….and here I am today! Go ahead and call me – 800-919-1079 and I’ll tell you the footsteps I followed in and maybe you can follow in mine!

Not that I am old, or feel old.  I think being on the radio and this business really keeps people young.  Always the newest hottest music, fun concerts, the unexpected celeb run ins, gossip at my finger tips – because it’s mostly what my show consists of.  I’ll tell you what The Biebs is up to but also make sure you know what fun event is happening in our awesome City of West Palm Beach, FL!

Couple things you might want to know about me:

I had a fake ID and my name was Eldra Soul.  It got taken away at a bar at college and I got a $100 fine.  Booooo.

Jennifer Lopez once told me to be proud of my age, but I’m still not telling you how old I am.

Prince invited me over to his house one night when I met him at a club in Minneapolis (I was going to school there) but I was too young and naive to realize he was inviting me over. **He said, “Have you ever seen my artwork?” and I said “No, I haven’t”.  And he said “You’ll have to come and see it.” And I responded “Yeah, that would be cool.  Ok, my friends are getting irritated with me ignoring them, so I have to go.”  However, we did hang out for a while and he was super cool, super mellow and looked at me with those Prince eyes! DREAMY!  He drank a Ginger-Ale on the rocks…no straw.

This Prince song is what I always planned to play when I got married.  I am now almost 100 years old, and I think that ship has sailed.  I also have my funeral song picked out…and yep, it’s a  Prince song.

I was a back up dancer for a Weird Al Yankovic concert once when one of his dancers got sick.  It was a BLAST!  I was a dancing potato!

I would love to be friends with numerous Real Housewives, my favorite being Teresa Giudice of New Jersey.  Some I really hate though.

My awesome son Hunter is a Senior in high school this year and also works here at the radio station as part of The Street Team!

I am a proud Cheese Head and I never miss a Green Bay Packer game! #GoPackGo

My soda koozie thing always (95% of the time) matches my outfit.  Black outfit – black koozie. Red outfit, red koozie. Etc, etc.  If I don’t have one that matches, I use either my Prince Purple Rain koozie or Sharknado koozie.

Sunny 107.9  is the 9th radio station I have worked at during my career.  The others – Z100, WOFM, Z104, WKTI, WAZY, STAR94, Q100, 97.9 WRMF, Sunny 107.9.

I also like to take my love of gossip to the small screen!  When I lived in Atlanta I did a weekly entertainment segment on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Carol Costello and here in West Palm Beach I do “Trending With Tracy” alongside Eric Roby and Suzanne Boyd every Friday at CBS12!

One last thing…my dream in life is to have my son be happy, healthy and successful, and to own an Hermes Birkin Bag. 


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