Hey!  It’s Tracy!  I’ve been living this South Florida lifestyle with you for 13 years!

Things I adore – my son Hunter, Doritos, Peanut M&M’s, fancy handbags and shoes!

If you love great music, juicy gossip, and cocktails – you’re my kind of friend!

What would my Real Housewife Of Palm Beach tagline be – WHERE IS MY GLAM SQUAD?

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Pita Taufatofua - aka the Shirtless Tongan Flag-Bearer

The internet is once again swooning over the return of Pita Taufatofua – aka the Shirtless Tongan Flag-Bearer. You remember Pita – he made the internet explode after showing off...

Happy Birthday Slash!

56 today!  Wanna know why he always wears sunglasses?  **He’s Slash….he swears**

Life Altering Pizza Hack! 🙄

Ready for a life-altering hack? A TikTok user showed how to cut a pizza before it’s cooked so you don’t have to do it after it comes out piping hot...

💜 New Prince Music! 💜

The Estate of Prince has released a new track recorded 11 years ago! Called “Hot Summer,” it’s the second never-before-heard song that comes from Prince’s Welcome 2 America album. Welcome 2 America was...

The "Clue" Mansion Is For Sale!

If you’d enjoy spending your days endlessly riffing on “Clue” scenarios like . . . “Was it my mother-in-law, in the living room, with the lethal flatulence?”  You should know about THIS:...