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Smart Headlights Are Here

Being blinded by drivers who forget to turn their brights off could become less of an issue.  Because the government just approved a new type of smart  headlight that dims them for you.  They’re called “adaptive driving” lights, and the tech has been around for a while.  A lot of cars in Europe already have them, but they just got approved in the U.S. this week.   They use the on-board camera in your car to sense when there’s someone coming from the other direction.  But instead of just dimming your lights, they aim them away from other drivers.   You get to keep your high beams on, so you can still see everything.  It just blocks out a single section, and prevents them from shining in the other person’s eyes.  They can also detect pedestrians and people on bikes, or aim your lights lower when someone’s in front of you, so you don’t blind them in their rearview mirror.   They’ll be offered in luxury cars first.  Some already have them, including a lot of Audis.  They just weren’t allowed to activate them until now.   Audi currently charges an extra $3,000 for the top version.  But more mainstream cars should start getting them as the tech becomes cheaper.