Spider-Man 3 to Be Longest Spider-Man Movie Ever… With ‘Endgame-Esque’ Ending

Anticipation and rumors are running high as it relates to Spider-Man 3. Sources say both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will appear in film. Spider-Man 3 is gearing up to be the longest Spider-Man movie. It is also being rumored Sony wants an Endgame-esque finale for movie. Do you believe any or all of these rumors? Are you someone who likes little hints and spoilers of highly anticipated movies or do you want to be completely surprised when you see movie?

16 years and three Spider-Men later, Alfred Molina is back as Dr. Octopus. Molina will play Doc Ock in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 starring Tom Holland – just like he did in 2004’s sequel to the original Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man 3 will also bring back Jamie Foxx (from the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films) and Benedict Cumberbatch as the MCU’s Doctor Strange. Which actor was the best Spider-Man?   Who’s the best Spidey villain?