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Stay At Juliet’s Place On Valentine’s Day! Bring Your Own Romeo Or Find One In Verona, Italy!


I was there!  I was there!  It was so cool to see the balcony where Juliet was rumored to have lived and yelled out her infamous – “Where for art thou, Romeo?!”

How romantic can you get? You might have the chance to spend Valentine’s night in the home where Romeo and Juliet said ‘I Love You.’

Airbnb is giving one couple the opportunity to stay at Casa di Giuletta in Verona, Italy. 

This will be the first time someone has been allowed to occupy the historic site since the 1930s. It is normally a museum on a day to day basis now.

The winner will get the trip to Italy that includes a private butler, candlelight dinner from a Michelin-star chef, and more. To win, you must write a convincing love letter proving why you should recreate one of Shakespeare’s iconic works…without the poison of course. The letters are due by February 2nd.

What romantic place would you love to visit the most?