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Stevie Nicks Calls Covid-19 Pandemic a ‘Real American Horror Story’

Stevie Nicks is calling for Americans to take the COVID-19 pandemic more seriously. The musician and actress took to Twitter to share a journal post she had written where she noted that there were over 22,000 new cases of the coronavirus since her last July 29th journal entry.

Nicks says the virus isn’t political and is a “silent killer hiding in the shadows.” Steve cited that many who have had the coronavirus are still suffering from post symptoms such as micro-blood coughs, neurological problems, and constant coughing.

She also compared COVID-19 to an episode of American Horror Story, which she starred in, where the elite lived underground while the population on top of ground battled a deadly apocalypse.

She asked her followers to wear a mask and “not party,” because the virus can “kill you, kill me…and kill the chances of “pulling on those boots and hitting the road.”

Is Stevie Nicks’ comparisons to the American Horror Story theme valid? What would you compare the virus to?