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Sting “absolutely” doesn’t want a biopic like ‘Rocketman’

Harrison Cooney/Walt Disney World Resort

Harrison Cooney/Walt Disney World ResortWill Sting’s life ever receive the movie treatment, like Queen and Elton John‘s lives did? Not if he has any say in the matter.

The musician is currently starring in a Los Angeles production of his stage musical, The Last Ship, which tells the story of his early years growing up in a shipbuilding town in Northern England. He tells The Hollywood Reporter that he has no interest in being the subject of a big-screen biopic like Bohemian Rhapsody or Rocketman.

“Absolutely not,” he says. “I just don’t think I want to. I’m telling my story in an artistic way.”

Sting — who wrote the music and lyrics for The Last Ship and plays the foreman of a Newcastle shipyard in the musical — explains that he’d rather have control of his own narrative.

“[The Last Ship] is a metaphor. This is a story about me,” he says. “I’m in this play in many ways, probably more than I intended to. But the character I’m playing is built on composites of people like my father, uncles, people I was brought up with. That’s the way I want to do it, rather than somebody going, ‘What’s the arc of Sting’s life?’ I haven’t finished it yet.”

He does concede, however, that he wouldn’t mind seeing The Last Ship being made into a film.

“I enjoy making films, so yes I’d do more of them,” he says. “And could this be a movie? Absolutely. It has an epic quality about it…So I’m hoping we’re in Hollywood, someone will come to the show and go, ‘Ah, this will make a good film.’”

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