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Sting Revisits, Reimagines Police, Solo Hits on 'My Songs' Collection

If “Every Breath You Take” is still on rotation on your playlist then you’ll be happy to know that Sting is revisiting his old songs that he’s recording with The Police along with some of his solo hits.
The reimaging on Sting’s “My Songs” will include new sonics, dynamics, and arrangements of some of the singer’s iconic hits.
Sting admits that he likes to “tinker” with his music, even his evolving voice has changed and has him approaching the music differently, “It’s a less pure sound, but I think it has this richness to it. The songs change every night when I sing them, and I’m always hearing something I haven’t actually discovered there.”
Sting plans to tour during the Summer and perform songs from the “My Songs” album, but afterward, he says he’ll be ready to make something new.
At a concert do you like that the artist changes the songs up or do you like them to sing them just like the album?