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Styx’s Tommy Shaw to be Inducted into Different Hall of Fame

Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw is set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a solo artist on Tuesday. No, not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; the Cravers’ Hall of Fame.

Shaw is among three music industry icons who will be honored by the White Castle hamburger chain Tuesday as “the home of the original Slider celebrates titans of the music industry,” a statement released by White Castle reads. Also being inducted are concert promoter Danny Zelisko and late singer John Prine, the restaurant has announced.

“There were no White Castles in my hometown, Montgomery, Alabama, when I was growing up there,” Shaw says. “I discovered them the first time I went to Chicago with my bandmates in MS FUNK in the early ’70s. They were so satisfying. I could eat a bag full!” Past inductees include Alice Cooper, Stan Lee and “Harold and Kumar” stars John Cho and Kal Penn.

Is Shaw hurting his image by participating in this obvious publicity stunt? How would White Castle even go about selecting inductees?

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