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Suck It Paper Straws. You’re Not All That!

If you hate paper straws with a passion, here’s some more ammunition:

A new study found they might not be that eco-friendly after all!

Researchers in Europe tested straws from 39 different brands.  And 90% of the paper straws had FOREVER CHEMICALS linked to health issues like cancer.

They tested 20 different types of paper straws, and 18 of them contained low levels of forever chemicals that don’t break down in nature.

It’s not just a paper straw problem though.  They also tested plastic straws, and 75% of those had forever chemicals too.  So did 80% of bamboo straws, and 40% of glass straws.

In other words, forever chemicals are just everywhere now.  So even things made of paper aren’t exactly “good” for the environment.  Plastic straws are still bad for other reasons though, and a much bigger threat to plants and animals.

The study did find one type of straw that doesn’t have forever chemicals.  None of the reusable STAINLESS STEEL straws tested positive.

(Phys / New Atlas)