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Sunny Delight With Alcohol

Anyone who was a teenager in the ’90s remembers the famous “purple stuff” ads for Sunny Delight.  But all those kids are in their 40s now, so . . . bring on the HARD stuff.     Sunny Delight with ALCOHOL now exists.  It’s called SunnyD Vodka Seltzer.  It hits select Walmarts nationwide this Saturday.   SunnyD is essentially fake orange juice.  So it basically sounds like a screwdriver . . . vodka and O.J. . . . but with bubbles.   Obviously this is all a nostalgia grab.  They know those ’90s kids are grown-ups now, and they’re hoping they’ll be into it.  Their press release claims fans ASKED for it though, and that SunnyD is already a popular mixer.   Four-packs cost $10.  So it’s a little pricier than other seltzers, and most beers.  Each can is 95 calories and 4.5% alcohol.