Super Bowl 52, lowest TV ratings since 2009 for the big game

ESPN reported viewership for Super Bowl LII in the US was the lowest for the Big Game  since 2009.

According to the source the Philadelphia Eagles’ and the New England Patriots drew an average of 103.4 million U.S. viewers.  Thisis a significant drop from Super Bowl LI, where the Patriots and Atlanta Falcons drew 111.3 viewers in America.

This drop reflects what has been going on with the NFL’s TV ratings throughout the 2017-18 season.  SportsBusiness Daily reported three of the league’s television partners experienced a decline in their average viewership.

Who and what is to blame?  It really depends on who you ask.  Some point the finger at injuries to huge stars like Aaron Rodgers.  Others blame the NFL handle the Zeke Elliott situation, or that the play isn’t as exciting as it once way.  Too many penalties and reviews by the NFL officials is another thing fans have complained about.  That all said, the number one reason blamed for the decline is the National Anthem protests.  These protests caused many fans to say they will no longer watch the games and pursue other interests.

It isn’t all bad for the NFL, and the league remains in a favorable position. Ad Age‘s Anthony Crupi, reports that  37 of the 50 highest-rated programs from 2017 were NFL games.  While things are slipping for the NFL, the league is still king when compared to all television options.

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