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Suzanne Sommers Has Made How Much From The “ThighMaster”?!

Boomers and Millennials remember SUZANNE SOMERS doing those silly ThighMaster commercials back in the day.  And yes, we all mocked her.  Well, we were wrong.

Suzanne says she has made $300 MILLION off that thing.  Quote, “We stopped counting when we sold 10 million of them, but they continue to sell and sell . . . We’re probably at 15 million now.”

The classic ThighMaster goes for $19.99, but there’s a “gold” version that costs 50 bucks . . . and an $80 “toning package” that also includes a ButtMaster and a DVD.

Suzanne also sells makeup, hair, skin, and body products.  She’s written 27 books on health.  She’s done “16 or 18 years of series television.”  And yet the ThighMaster is the thing she’s best known for.

She says, quote, “It was the right product, the right place, the right timing, the right spokesperson . . . the right everything.  It was a perfect storm.”