The Quarantine 15 Anthem

Have you gained weight after being quarantined? If so,you’ll be able  to relate to this song!  We love  it. A singer named K.D. French has a  song about the temptations…

A Virtual Choir

Dozens of hospital workers in Texas are trending online after they formed a virtual choir, and sang the song “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars.

John Krasinski Has Good News!

On his YouTube show “Some Good News”, John Krasinski gave doctors and nurses at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston a pretty amazing gift.  First, David Ortiz presented them…

The Coolest Grandparents

e wish our grandparents were this hip! These grandparents did a “Garage Door Challenge” in an effort to raise coronavirus relief funds.  The challenge is to try to drink a…

DIY No Sew Face Mask

Officials say that we should all wear a face mask when out in public. So we thought we’d share how you can make a “no sew” face mask at home!