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Taylor Swift pelts her dad with tennis balls in BTS “The Man” clip

Courtesy TAS Rights Management

Courtesy TAS Rights ManagementAs Taylor Swift has stated before, no men were harmed in the making of “The Man” video — except maybe her dad.

In a new behind-the-scenes clip from the video shoot, we see what her dad Scott had to endure in order to appear in a cameo as a tennis umpire.

“So, we have a very special performance in this video that is my dad playing the umpire of the tennis match where I have a royal meltdown because the umpire calls my shot, ‘Out,” Taylor, who also directed the video, says in the clip.

She adds, “And basically, I started pelting my dad with tennis balls, which I think was exhilarating for both of us. I think it was a real bonding experience.”

We see a slo-mo shot of Scott getting hit in the face with one of the tennis balls before Taylor praises his acting skills.

“He’s pretty proud of himself,” Taylor says. “I’ve never been prouder of his acting skills, which who knew? Who knew he had a passion for it? I didn’t know. He’s gonna start auditioning now.”

The clip ends with her dad wrapping his shot for the day and getting cheers from the crew as he walks off set.

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