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Taylor Swift reveals her fascination with love in ‘City of Lover Concert’ special

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David Hogan © 2020 TAS Rights Management LLCThe never-before seen footage of Taylor Swift‘s ultra-intimate City of Lover Concert premiered on ABC Sunday, where fans finally learned the process of how the 30-year-old created her latest studio album, Lover

The simple performance saw no costume changes and, for visual effects, only relied on a screen.

Fans from 37 countries flocked to Paris for the once-in-a-lifetime event, which Taylor likened to a release party.  “I think we’re gonna have some fun tonight,” She mused to the cheering audience.  “Like I said before, I had an album called Lover that just came out and honestly it’s been one of the most wonderful experiences in my entire life.”

The City of Lover Concert, performed September 2019 at L’Olympia Theater in Paris, France not only allowed Swift to sing her new songs live for the first time, but allowed her to gush about the little details that went into creating her new record.

For example, she revealed that she was in the bathtub when the idea of “Cornelia Street” came to her, so she wrote down the song right then and there.

Another song Swift dissected for the audience was “The Archer,” which she wrote in order to “take a moment, like a snapshot of a feeling and explore that feeling.”  That moment, for her, was the fear of finding something “really good” in her life but struggling to remain optimistic about it due to being burned in the past.

“I always found love to be a fascinating thing to write about,” she explained, later going into how she constructs her music.  She revealed to the audience that she writes each single using just one instrument — the piano or the guitar — and revealed that each song on Lover was meant to be sung acoustically.

Before diving into an animated performance of “You Need to Calm Down,” Taylor opened up about what’s so fascinating about love, to which she says it’s because it’s “many things.”

“Love is chaos, Love is madness, love is joy,” she gushed.

She capped off her intimate show by debuting her Lover-inspired pastel pink microphone and guitar to perform “Lover,” which she admitted is her favorite song at the moment.  She also told the story of how the track came to be, saying the idea came to her in the middle of the night so she stumbled over to the piano and composed it on the spot.

She added that those “magical” and “mysterious” moments is what she loves so much about songwriting.

The ultra-intimate concert was the first and last Lover concert for Swift, as she was later forced to cancel all 2020 appearances and performances, including her highly anticipated Lover Fest East and West concerts, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert is now streaming on Hulu and Disney plus.

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