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Texas Man Spends 300 Hours Creating LEGO Disneyland Replica amid Coronavirus Pandemic

You’ve probably gotten a lot of things accomplished while at home and your to-do list is looking pretty good. A Texas man had a miniature LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle that he started in 2017 and decided that quarantine would be a good time as ever to finish it.  This sent John Daugherty down a rabbit hole, he has spent over 300 hours and built 25 Disney sets to complete his own Disneyland.  Daugherty has the Disney train station, Main Street USA, the Swiss Family Treehouse, and a Pirates of the Caribbean themed ship. “It’s kind of like my therapy, just a fun thing to do,” Daugherty said, “It’s very zen.” Daugherty’s family doesn’t seem to mind him taking over the living room for his creation, he had planned to take his wife and two kids to Disney World during Spring Break but the Coronavirus canceled those plans. “This helped me have a little Disney fun without actually being there,” said Daugherty.  Did you have vacation plans that you had to cancel due to the Coronavirus? What are you doing instead? Were you able to reschedule your trip?