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THANK YOU Michael Bolton! He Knows The Joy Of Panera’s Brocc & Cheese Soup!

When you think of great love songs you can’t leave out Michael Bolton’s, “When A Man Loves A Woman,” the song is timeless and Panera Bread is trying to capture some of those love vibes by having Bolton remix his 90s hit for their latest creation.

Panera has mixed its popular broccoli and cheese soup with their macaroni and cheese.

“When some mac loves broccoli cheddar/ Can’t keep your mouth on nothin’ else/Two classic loves swirled into one/Yes, it’s soup on tender pasta/It can do no wrong/Cause creamy cheese and broccoli loves macaroni,” sings Bolton.

The special song ends with a message from Panera stating that the new broccoli mac and cheese is, “so irresistible, it’s what love songs are made of.”

What song would you remix to describe your favorite food?