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The B-52’s Say “Rock Lobster” Is An Animal Rights Song!

Sure, you love to dance to “Rock Lobster” at weddings.  But do you ever stop to wonder how the lobster’s doing?  Because that’s what Fred Schneider of the B-52’s WANTED you to do.

Kate Pierson says, quote, “The rock lobster represents animal rights to Fred.  He’s a staunch vegetarian.  To him, he really thought of saving the lobster.”

Kate also says that late guitarist Ricky Wilson wasn’t necessarily sold on the song’s famous riff when he first came up with it.  Quote, “I remember Ricky came in and said, ‘I’ve just written the stupidest guitar line.’

“Which, if you’ve ever worked on a collaborative creative endeavor, you know that’s the sound of someone striking genius.”

(FYI, there are lobsters that can live for more than 100 years.  “Rock Lobster” came out in 1978.  So that lobster may indeed still be doing okay.)

(AV Club)