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‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart’ recap: Three more ladies join the competition, while a favorite is sent packing

ABC/Maarten de Boer

ABC/Maarten de BoerFollowing the drama of of last week’s premiere episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart — an episode that saw the men outnumber the women twelve to eight, sending four guys home — the men had the advantage on Monday, as host Chris Harrison announced that three more women would be joining the competition.

The first date card once again, went to Jamie, who chose Trevor.  The date consisted of busking in Venice, California. Trevor led Jamie through a duet of the Little Big Town hit “Girl Crush.”

Jamie, addressing the camera, says she can picture a life with Trevor, but trouble is brewing for the couple back at the ranch.

Natascha, a 33-year-old New Yorker who says what she feels and “doesn’t beat around the bush,” was the first new arrival. Oh, and she’s friends with Trevor’s ex, who revealed to Natascha that his “indiscretions” are what ended the relationship.

After the date, Natascha confronted Trevor in an awkward conversation in which he acknowledged that, while never physically cheating on her friend, there was some “emotional cheating,” and yes, some lying as well.

Meanwhile, the ladies told Jamie about Natascha’s bombshell, and she was devastated, sobbing as she revealed that she had been cheated on in every relationship in which she’s been.

Later, Trevor came clean to Jamie about his past indiscretions, explaining that he stayed in the relationship longer than he should have for fear of hurting the woman, but ended up hurting her even more.  She accepted his apology and the romance to be back on track.

Bri was the recipient of the next date card with Chris being the lucky guy. A night together in the Guitar Center led to an improvised song, in which they revealed their deepest feelings for each other. Afterwards, she told him the heartbreaking story of how her fiancé called off their wedding at the very moment she’d found “the” dress.  In spite of her fears, she revealed that she was falling in love with him, and he said his feelings for her are the same.

A third date card went to Sheridan, who picked Julia as his partner.  He was “all-in” for her, but she was still torn between him and Brandon.  The couple made their debut as a musical duo, singing Maren Morris’ hit, “The Bones,” on a radio talk show. The chemistry looked good, until he was “blindsided” by her admission that she was still circling Brandon.

Back at the ranch, two “hotties,” Mariana and Ruby, arrived at the ranch, both of whom also had their eyes on Brandon.

Savannah got a date card instructing her to pick the guy who hits “all the right notes,” which turned out to be Brandon, much the dismay of Mel, who’s had eyes on him from the beginning.

The pair hit the iconic 1950’s Los Angeles jazz club The Dresden, where they performed an open mic night rendition of Peggy Lee’s classic “Fever.”

Before the cocktail party, Mel made her move on Brandon, and the two ended up sharing a long kiss.  Julia followed suit, also stealing a kiss from the popular bachelor.

Meanwhile, Natascha, who likes “the nerdy type,” moved in on Ryan, as did Rudi, the latter of whom called the encounter “awkward.”

Rudi decides to throw caution to the wind and shares “the best kiss ever” with Matt, despite feeling like she’s at the bottom of his list.

The episode concluded with an intense, jaw-dropping rose ceremony that found Jamie giving Trevor another shot; Rudi ecstatically accepting Matt’s rose and Ryan scooping up Natascha.   Rudi was  ecstatic to earn Matt’s rose.

Brandon, the biggest question mark of the night, decided on Savannah, while Sheridan, fully aware of Julia’s lingering feelings for Brandon, offered his rose.

Elsewhere, Chris walked off with Bri, to no one’s surprise; Danny picked Bekah; and Gabe chose Ruby.

Mel, Mariana and Cheyenne were sent packing.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart continues Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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