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The Cocaine Bear

What a story!!! There’s  a movie in the works called “Cocaine Bear”,  …”Cocaine Bear” is actually a thriller being directed by ELIZABETH BANKS, and it’s based on a TRUE STORY….In 1985, a drug smuggler named Andrew Thornton dropped a duffel bag filled with 70 pounds of coke from his plane over Georgia, on the way back from a drug run to Colombia….A 175-pound bear found the bag, ate the contents, and DIED….So how do you get a whole movie out of that?  Well, the bear seems kind of incidental to the wider story about Thornton, which is pretty crazy…..He was a former narcotics cop who went to the DARK SIDE and started smuggling.  This particular run took place on September 11th, 1985.  Apparently, he had dropped some of the coke because it was too heavy for his plane….Sometime after the Georgia dump, Thornton tried to jump out of the plane….But he got caught in his parachute and fell like a stone, landing in some guy’s driveway in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He died on impact.  The plane crashed 60 miles away in Hayesville, North Carolina…..When his body was discovered, Thornton was wearing a bulletproof vest and Gucci loafers.  He also had night vision goggles, $15 million worth of coke, $4,500 in cash, gold Krugerrands, knives, and two pistols……The body of the bear was discovered three months later, among 40 open plastic containers and some cocaine residue.