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The first rule of touring with Michael Bublé? Don't tell him how the tour is doing

Evaan KherajHe last played there back in February, but Wednesday night, Michael Bublé brings his tour back to New York’s Madison Square Garden.  The tour moves on to Michael’s home country of Canada on Friday, and will wrap up in the U.K. in December.  So how’s the tour been doing, in terms of ticket sales?  Michael says he doesn’t know…and he doesn’t care.

When Michael stepped away from the spotlight a few years ago to take care of his son Noah, he considered quitting music for good, because he realized he wasn’t having fun anymore: He was too concerned about reviews, album sales and box office grosses.  So when he returned to music last year, for his own sanity, he stopped paying attention to that stuff.

“The people that work with me and for me, there’s only one rule,” he tells ABC Radio. “And that is, ‘We do not share results.’ This is not a results-driven business.”

Michael says he came to realize that any success he has, career-wise, is something he has no control over, so he had to let it go and focus on what’s really important.

You can control how kind you are with people and you can control your amount of empathy and love and the beauty that you throw out into the world,” he explains. “But you cannot control the results.”

“I can’t control how many records people buy or if the tickets sell, or the people watch the television show,” he continues. “All I control is the quality of work and how I treat people. And that’s it. And so when I lose it — and sometimes I do — I just need to go back with my family and remember that that’s what matters.”

Michael’s tour is in continuing support of his 2018 album Love.

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