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The Greatest Promise Has Been Kept

Wisconsin men, Thomas Cook and Joseph Feeney, made a handshake promise in 1992 that if either ever won the lottery… they’d split the cash.  Well it happened and the guy kept his promise!    A Wisconsin man proved his devotion as a friend by making good on a 28-year-old handshake promise and splitting his $22 million Powerball jackpot with his longtime buddy.     Thomas Cook told Wisconsin Lottery officials that learning his Powerball ticket was a $22 million winner made him quickly recall a deal he made with friend Joseph Feeney in 1992.   Cook said the two men shook hands and agreed that if either of them ever won a Powerball jackpot, they would split the winnings.   Cook and Feeney, who took the lump sum option for their payouts, each received about $5.7 million after federal and state taxes.