The Inventor Of Karate Kid’s Crane Kick Has Passed Away

A true legend of the martial arts has left us to open up a dojo in Heaven.  His name was Pat E. Johnson, and he taught Ralph Macchio the CRANE KICK for the original “Karate Kid”.  He died of natural causes.  He was 84 years old.

Pat would later admit that the move was, quote, “not something that’s really legitimate or realistic.”

Johnson actually was kind of a legend.  He was a longtime stuntman and fight coordinator, going all the way back to Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” in 1973.

He also played the referee in the “Karate Kid” movies, meaning he played a very pivotal role in the original.

Remember, it was his infamous NO-CALL that allowed Daniel-san to win the All Valley Karate Tournament with an ILLEGAL KICK TO THE HEAD.

Johnson was a ninth-degree black belt, and a close friend of Chuck Norris.  He even taught at his schools.

(Hollywood Reporter)