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The Luck Of The Irish Hits Chicago

Bill calls St Patrick’s Day…his Irish Christmas!  There are plenty of establishments celebrating St. Patrick’s Day here in South Florida, but Chicago is basically still shut down. So it was a big surprise when the Chicago River was turned green.  There’s a tradition in Chicago to dye the river green for St. Patrick’s Day.  But as of Friday, the city was saying there were no plans to dye it this year, to avoid crowds coming to watch.   Well . . . it turns out that was a bluff.  They did dye the river green  on Saturday . . . they just didn’t tell anybody in advance, to keep crowds from gathering to watch.  It only took about 20 minutes on Saturday morning for boats from the Chicago Plumber’s Union to get it done.  But St. Patrick’s Day is still going to look different in the city in other ways because of the pandemic . . . all of the normal parades have been canceled, and there are still serious restrictions on the bars.  By the way. it only takes 40 pounds of dye, and it lasts a day or two.  They tried 100 pounds the first time they did it in 1962, and it stayed green for a week.