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“The Masked Singer” Returns Tomorrow to Fox!

There’s going to be a record 22 costumes on Season 8 of “The Masked Singer”.  So to get ready for tomorrow’s premiere, Fox released images of 12 costumes.  They are:


1.  Fortune Teller:  It’s an intricate fortune telling machine with a glowing crystal ball.  Picture Zoltar from the movie “Big”, but green with red eyes.

2.  Maize:  An ear of corn gone old Hollywood glam.  She wears a feathered and jeweled headpiece with a sparkly green dress.  I have a feeling this will be the viral Corn Kid’s favorite.

3.  Pi-Rat:  Yep.  He’s a grey rat dressed as a pirate.  But he’s also holding a box with a small white rat sitting on top of jewels.  Maybe this is a duo or the contestant is a puppeteer?

4.  Harp:  She is faceless in an all-gold sparkly dress.  There’s a harp attached to her back.

5.  Walrus:  He’s a walrus in a yellow fisherman outfit with a seagull on his head.

6.  Scarecrow:  Perfect for the season.  It’s a scarecrow with a smiley jack-o’-lantern head and a burgundy witch hat.

7.  Avocado:  It’s a sliced half of an avocado.  The pit looks like an emoji with a smiley face.  And they’re wearing red hi-top sneakers.

8.  Bride:  She’s a pink dragon dressed as a bride.  So maybe she’s a bridezilla?

9.  Venus Fly Trap:  It’s basically just a venus fly trap with mossy legs and leaves for arms.  I just want to know where the contestant’s head is?

10.  Hedgehog:  It’s furry with a black bowler hat and jacket that have designs made up different sized buttons.

11.  Sir Bugaboo:  He looks like a cross between the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat.  He has a furry green cat head with sharp teeth . . . and a colorful and mismatched suit with a top hat.

12.  Mummies:  It’s a trio of mummies with reflective gold bandages, jeweled armor, and red eyes.  They’re giving Iron Maiden “Powerslave” album art vibes.