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The perfect Valentine’s Day date: Josh Groban launches Radio City Music Hall residency tonight in NY

The Madison Square Garden Company

The Madison Square Garden CompanyJosh Groban kicks off his new residency at New York’s famed Radio City Music Hall tonight, and if you’re familiar with his work, you’ll know why he’s debuting the show on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s kind of a bullseye for us as far as…what we want to do,” Josh laughs. “Night one is, I think, going to be filled with lots of romance — or lots of heartbreak, depending on the dynamic of people’s relationships when they walk in the door!”

“But there’s all kinds of ways to craft that night around Valentine’s Day, to make it a perfect date night,” he adds. “There might be a proposal or two…off stage…in the audience…you never know!”

In addition to music, Josh promises these residency shows will also feature comedy and special guests, and each show will be unique.

I want it to have all of those moments where people leave afterwards saying…’I can’t believe that happened up there!'” he tells ABC Audio. “That’s my goal for each night: that energy that happens when when you take the time to really craft something.”

But of course, the shows, which will take place every few months, will feature plenty of singing, too.

“Musically, it’s going to have stuff people haven’t heard before,” he promises. “There’s going to be some playing around, the set list is going to change, and of course I’m going to sing my face off on the songs my fans want to hear.”

As for special guests, Josh says he plans to “call in some favors” to get his Broadway friends to join him onstage…but what about the famed Radio City Rockettes?  Josh says he’s down.

“Sure!” he laughs. “Hey, I’ll bring out the local crew guys if they want to high-kick with me!”

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