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The Who releasing deluxe version of 2019 'WHO' album soon; new "Beads on One String" remix out now

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The Who will release a deluxe, expanded version of its 2019 studio album, WHO, as a two-CD set on October 30 and a box set featuring six vinyl singles and a CD on December 4.

The collections feature the original album’s 11 tracks, a new “Yaggerdang Remix” version of the song “Beads on One String” created by Who guitarist/songwriter Pete Townshend, and the Live at Kingston CD, which contains seven acoustic performances from an intimate engagement that the band played this past February at the Pryzm nightclub in the London suburb of Kingston upon Thames.

The “Beads on One String” remix has been released in advance as a digital single and via streaming services. You also can check out a lyric video for the track at The Who’s official YouTube channel.

Townshend co-wrote “Beads on One String” with a singer/songwriter that Pete met via SoundCloud. Of the collaboration and the peace-themed song’s inspiration, Townshend says, “He wrote the music, I wrote the lyric and vocal melody. In 1932 on a visit to London the spiritual master Meher Baba said that he had come to draw all the religions of the world together like beads on one string. We wait in hope, with love.”

The Live at Kingston disc features renditions of two songs from the WHO album, “Break the News” and “She Rocked My World,” and five memorable tunes from the band’s back catalog — “Substitute,” “Squeeze Box,” “Tattoo,” “The Kids Are Alright” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

The box set’s six vinyl singles are seven-inch discs that each feature two songs from WHO, and with “Beads on One String” remix appearing on the last disc.

You can pre-order both collectionsnow.

Here’s the track list of the two-CD deluxe WHO reissue:

Disc 1: WHO
“All This Music Must Fade”
“Ball and Chain”
“I Don’t Wanna Get Wise”
“Beads on One String”
“Hero Ground Zero”
“Street Song”
“I’ll Be Back”
“Break the News”
“Rockin’ in Rage”
“She Rocked My World”
“Beads on One String” (Yaggerdang Remix)

Disc 2: Live at Kingston
“Squeeze Box”
“The Kids Are Alright”
“Break the News”
“She Rocked My World”
“Won’t Get Fooled Again”

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