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The Wooly Mammoth Is Coming Back…Maybe

We’re not too keen on this. 2 words Jurassic Park!  A team of scientists and entrepreneurs say they’ve started a new company to genetically resurrect the woolly mammoth.   The company, named Colossal, aims to place thousands of these magnificent beasts back on the Siberian tundra, thousands of years after they went extinct.    Colossal claims resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth – or, more specifically, creating a cold-resistant elephant that looks and behaves like the Woolly Mammoth – is possible, with a 99.6% genetic match in Asian elephants, Mammoth DNA and modern genetic engineering in the form of CRISPR technology. The company has also received $15 Million in funding, helping to make what might have once sounded like an insane dream a reality, and is intending to produce the first calves in 4 to 6-years!!!   Do you think it’s a good idea?