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Thief Steals 20 Left Footed Sneakers.

You know how people say someone has “two left feet” if they’re a bad dancer . . . well, maybe THAT can explain this very strange robbery.

A thief in Miami broke into a shoe store last Tuesday, “Mission Impossible”-style.  He cut some holes in the roof . . . entered through the ceiling . . . and climbed down along the wall.

Once inside, he stole 20 shoes . . . but they were just the LEFT-FOOTED shoes.  (???)  It’s probably because they just had one shoe of each pair, the left shoe, on display . . . but it seems like that should’ve been obvious to him.

He was caught on security cameras, but he got away and the police are still looking for him.  The shop just wants their left-footed shoes back.

This kind of thing HAS happened before.  Four years ago, there was a string of burglaries in Virginia where people were stealing RIGHT-FOOTED shoes.