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Think You’re Having A Bad Day

The L.A. Chargers scratched quarterback TYROD TAYLOR just before Sunday’s game, for a “chest injury.”   As it turns out, the cause of the injury was . . . the TEAM DOCTOR.   Taylor was supposed to start the game, but his ribs were sore, so he went to the doctor to get a painkiller.   The doctor injected it . . . but in the process, he PUNCTURED HIS LUNG.  Taylor hasn’t commented, but yesterday Chargers coach Anthony Lynn acknowledged that Taylor suffered a “complication” from the injection.  He said, quote, “It happens, you know . . . no one’s perfect . . . The doctor, he’s a good man.  It’s just unfortunate.”  Lynn said Taylor felt “fine” . . . despite the hole in his lung . . . but he won’t start against the Carolina Panthers this weekend.  It’s unclear when he might return.