THIS Food Could Improve Your Mental Health!!!!!!

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, a psychiatrist from Columbia University has a suggestion that could improve your mental health!

According to Dr. Drew Ramsay, try shucking a few oysters, which he says can ward off symptoms.  Wait…it’s not Doritos?!?!  JIP!!!!!

The assistant professor notes that the bivalves are full of vitamin B12 to prevent brain shrinkage, plus long chain omega-3 fatty acid to fight depression.

In addition to antidepressants, therapy, and further counseling, Ramsay prescribes dietary changes as part of his patients’ treatments.

Have you found certain foods can change your mood? Which make you feel better?  For me it’s literally Doritos!  When I eat them, I am happy!  If I am stressed or sad, pop open a bag and I feel better with the first bite of a orange triangle of heaven!