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This Guy Hasn’t Slept For 60 Years?!

Thai Ngoc, 80-year-old farmer in Vietnam, says he hasn’t slept in over 60 years due to a fever, but insomnia hasn’t affected his life.

“I don’t know if the insomnia has impacted my health or not, but I’m still healthy, and I can do the farm work normally like others,” Thai Ngoc said.

Thai Ngoc, born in 1942, claims he developed a fever at 20 and hasn’t slept since. The Vietnamese man couldn’t sleep despite trying medications, folk remedies, and alcohol.

He hoped his insomnia was temporary, but he claims he hasn’t slept for six decades. Thai Ngoc’s story is seen as a miracle or superpower in Vietnam, but doctors suggest he might be sleeping without realizing it.

Dr. Vikas Wadhwa from Sleep Services Australia mentioned that some insomniacs struggle to distinguish between being awake and asleep. This means the 80-year-old man might unintentionally fall asleep for brief periods during the day without realizing it.

Do you have a hard time sleeping? How long have you gone without sleep?