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This One Didn’t Get Away!

Talk about the “catch of the day!”  A fisherman in Ukraine filmed himself rescuing a young boy who got stuck on a sheet of ice nearly 100 feet from the shore of the Desenka River in Kyiv.  Richard Gorda shared the footage shortly after the incident occurred. In the clip, he can be seen racing toward the area where the boy, 11, was calling for help from the small sheet of ice.  The boy shouted that he couldn’t swim, prompting Gorda to instruct onlookers to call the authorities.. Gorda cast out a lure (with no hook) in the direction of the boy, who managed to pluck the line out of the water.   Gorda then reeled in the boy, very slowly, until he was safely back on the shore.   Gorda later said that he didn’t believe he’d get a second chance to cast his line to the boy, as the ice beneath him was cracking.