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What A Catch!

A Florida deep sea fishing company is sharing video of a pretty rare fish tale.   The sawfish caught on a fishing line and on the phone of Florida Fin and Fly charters captain Jon Cangianella off Cocoa Beach.  A British tourist, Ian Atherton, booked a shark excursion, but instead hooked a rare 13 foot sawfish.  After fighting the fish for several hours, it was brought up near the boat.  Sawfish, which appear to have a saw-like snout,  have been considered endangered since 2003.   A “special dehooking device” was used so the sawfish could remain in the water.  Sawfish can be extremely dangerous to handle if they use their rostrum for defensive purposes and start slicing things with their hedge trimmer like snout.  Thankfully this fish was not injured during the fight and instantly swam back down to the depths once it was dehooked.