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Threatened With A Wand…Cops Pull A Gun

This guy might have had the upper hand in a “Harry Potter” movie.  But in real life, not so much . . .

A 29-year-old man named Skylar Thomas got banned from a hotel near the Minneapolis Airport last November.  But he showed back up last Friday and tried to run off with some room keys.

And when an employee told him to leave, he started threatening them . . . with a MAGIC WAND.

Police described it as a “wizard wand” with a metal tip on the end, and said it kind of resembled a knife.  So the employee thought it WAS a knife, and pulled out something that could ACTUALLY hurt you.

It turned out they have a concealed carry permit, and pulled a GUN on him.  So he turned around and kicked over a trash can.

He pointed the wand at them one more time before he left.  The employee responded by kicking him a couple times, and then he ran off.

Police eventually caught up with him.  He’s facing charges for trespassing and fifth-degree assault.


(Here’s his mugshot.)