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“Til Death Do You Part” Didn’t Register With This Guy. Sleeps With Wife’s Remains For Past 16 years.

A Vietnamese man has shocked the Internet by sleeping with his wife’s remains for the past 16 years.

The man named Le Van, married his wife in 1975 as an arranged marriage and they had seven children. When she died suddenly in 2003 Le Van was so sad that he slept beside her grave at the cemetery.

Due to weather concerns Le Van dug a tunnel next to the grave to sleep in, his children tried to convince him not to sleep at the cemetery, however, Le Van couldn’t be without his wife so he dug up her bones.

Le Van then made a hollow statue to put her bones in and sleeps beside it in his bed. Family members and friends have tried to get him to rebury the bones, even contacting police, but Le Van refuses saying he will sleep beside his wife until he dies.

Have you or someone you know had a hard time getting over the death of a spouse?