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Todd Chrisley Says Prison Conditions Are Poor

Todd Chrisley says he’s being treated differently from the rest of his fellow inmates in federal prison.

Chrisley’s attorney told reporters his client believes his celebrity status has resulted in some odd occurrences at FPC Pensacola in Florida, including someone taking his photo while he was sleeping.

He also thinks his mail is getting destroyed, and feels his living conditions are terrible, claiming the place is plagued by bad plumbing, possible mold, and no A.C.

He says his wife Julie is also struggling with bad conditions at FMC Lexington, KY, where she’s doing her time.

The couple reported to prison in January.

Todd got a 12-year sentence, while Julie got 7 after they were convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion.

If you could take one thing from home to prison with you, what would you take?