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Todrick Hall drags Kim Kardashian amid Taylor Swift, Kanye West feud

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Noam Galai/Getty ImagesTaylor Swift is one lucky gal to have a friend like Todrick Hall

After never-before-seen footage of Taylor’s conversation with Kanye West surrounding his “Famous” lyrics emerged in mid-March, the world reevaluated their initial stance on the feud between the two artists.

Years ago, most fans believed Taylor was being shady for essentially signing off on the rapper’s lyrics (“I made that b**ch famous”) only to later complain about them. At that time, fans were only privy to a short clip of the conversation while this new video showed the full story — causing fans to switch sides and go against Kanye. 

In an effort to defend her husband, Kim Kardashian addressed the issue on social media and attempted to end the chatter surrounding the topic — but not everyone was happy with what she had to say. 

Todrick came to the defense of his pop star bestie after Kim essentially called her a liar and it wasn’t pretty. 

In a series of not-safe-for-work Instagram stories, the 34-year-old choreographer lambasted the reality television star, calling her a “self-absorbed, entitled, stubborn little qu***.”

He then goes on to issue a counter-argument for every issue that Kim tried to point out, like how Kanye’s recording was much like her Netflix documentary Miss Americana.

“Difference is, Taylor had everyone featured in her documentary sign releases and here’s a crazy concept SHE TOLD THEM THAT THEY WERE BEING FILMED & RECORDED! PERIODT,” he wrote. 

In the end, Todrick admitted that the rant was out of character for him but that he could not just sit and watch his friend be attacked

“I’m usually online to spread love,” he claimed. “But I will never stand by and let someone publicly drag my friend.”

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