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Tom Brady Really Is Pretty Classy

In  the event you didn’t watch football this weekend, you missed a  classic  moment between Tampa  Bay’s Tom Brady and New Orleans’ Drew Brees.    It sounds like this was Drew’s last season, and if so, Sunday was the last time you’ll see Drew and Tom facing off on the field.   Tom got the best of Drew in their final match-up, but after the game, Tom came back out onto the field to chat with Drew, who was hanging out with his family.  There was a cool moment where Drew’s 11-year-old son Baylen handed Tom a football . . . and Tom tossed him a five-yard touchdown pass.  And then Brady advised the boys to “have fun” and “be nice” to their sister.  When the boys jokingly replied, “no,” Brady said, “Yes, be nice to your sister.  See ya, boys.”