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Tooth Fairy Payouts Hit an All-Time High of $4.70 Per Tooth

I guess the Tooth Fairy’s finances haven’t been hit too hard by the pandemic.  Because payouts just hit an all-time HIGH.

Delta Dental’s 23rd annual Tooth Fairy Poll just came out.  And they found the national average is now $4.70 per tooth.

That’s up 67 cents from last year, and four cents higher than the old record from 2017.

Kids in the Northeast get the biggest payouts at $5.72 per tooth.  Kids out West are next at $5.54 . . . then the South at $4.45 . . . and the Midwest is lower at just $3.66 a tooth.

The survey’s been done every year since 1998, when the average price per tooth was just $1.30.

(Delta Dental)