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Trending With Tracy CBS12 4/19/19

I am broken.  Jason Momoa doesn’t have his magic beard anymore.  He went out into the desert and shaved it off!  

THEN after he shaved it, he posted a promo for some 100% recyclable canned water saying – it’s time to make a change.  Did they pay him to shave off his beard as a “change”?  If so, I am boycotting that water.
He’s lucky he looks as hot with a beard as without and I hope he asked wife Lisa Bonet if that was cool to do before he did it!
We almost lost Bob Dylan the other day!  What started the chain of events?  People taking pictures and not enjoying the show!
Bob hates it when people take pics so he stopped singing, backed up from the microphone, misjudged the distance of the speaker behind him and stumbled backwards – twisting and falling onto a fellow band mate!
Thankfully didn’t fall to the floor of the stage and he regrouped and continued the show.
If you were worried what you were going to spend your allowance on on April 26th, worry no more….1 party has backed down.
Taylor Swift is teasing something happening on April 26th – lots of people think a new album is going to drop.  Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie – not to be outdown or outshown by Taylor, decided to also have a release date of something on April 26th – their new perfume line.
Good news 1 has been cancelled…it’s Kim and Kylie.  Something went wrong with the perfume.  The bottles break too easily in tests, so they’re going back to the drawing board.