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“Trending With Tracy”! Matt Lincoln From CBS12 And I Wonder What’s Up With Macaulay Culkin’s Spoon Obsession!

First a brother….now a father!!  Congrats to Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and his wife Sophia Turner!  They’re expecting their first baby!!!

Remember they were married in June in France, Sophia recently made a cute cameo in the Jo Bros vid – What A Man Gotta Do
They both have been super busy lately, with the Jonas Brothers on tour, with Sophia in the movie X-Men Dark Phoenix….but they seem to make the most of their time together!
No word on the due date yet.
Do you have sticky fingers when you’re out and about?  Maybe take a cool glass from a bar, a coffee cup from a hotel in Rome…no I didn’t do that.
Celebs do it too!  Macaulay Culkin has a collection of stolen spoons!  

He said, quote, “It’s a harmless thing.  It’s not like you’re ruining something, like stealing a chess piece, where the board would be incomplete.”

And he has passed on the spoon theft with Goddaughter Paris Jackson!  They like to trade their snatched spoons – from restaurants, cafés, and airplanes.  

AND…they have matching spoon tattoos on their inner forearms .


Meghan Markle is cracking the whip on Prince Harry!  You know the rumor is that she wants to move to Hollywood and Meghan doesn’t think he looks like a Hollywood Dweller!

Meg thinks that Harry has put on a little weight and LA won’t stand for it!  So he is now hitting the gym, cutting back on carbs and seeing a trainer every other day.

She is even going to give his wardrobe to make it less stuffy

Sources say she wants them to be the next George and Amal when they stroll into dinners, movie premieres and other fab events