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Trending With Tracy On CBS 12! We Talked All Things Super Bowl!

Super Bowl LIV  is coming in just weeks!!!  What’s your fav part?  The commercials, the halftime show or whom sings the national anthem??
I’ve got a little bit about each!
Let’s start with the beginning – who’s singing the National Anthem!! It’s Demi Lovato!!
We know she’s had her share of struggles over the years with sobriety and her nearly fatal drug overdose in 2018.  It will be great to see her!
She’s also going to be a Grammy performer on Jan 26th here on CBS!
Now, the commercials!!!  I think I already have my favorite!!  It’s from Cheetos with MC Hammer….what do you think?
That was :15 seconds and cost approx 1.4 million dollars!  Full :60 is going for $5.6 million!
Ohhhhh the Halftime Show is going to be on fire if the acts don’t get into a fight! There have been rumblings of J Lo and Shakira not getting along during rehearsals!  These ladies start out looking like besties when they first announced it, but now they’re fighting over stage time!
It seems their show goes over the allotted time and they have to cut somewhere.  They wanted to do some together, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen either