A Triple Celestial Treat

It’s a Super Blue Blood Moon! It’ll happen on the last day of this month.  A blue moon is the 2nd of 2-full moons in one calendar month.  But something very special will happen to the moon on this date. The full moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow during the early morning of Jan. 31 to give us a total lunar eclipse. During the time of the total eclipse, the moon will appear reddish in color, which is where it gets to be called a “blood moon.” Totality, when the moon will be entirely inside the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, will last a bit more than 1 1/4 hours. The Jan. 31 full moon is also the 3rd in a series of 3 straight full supermoons, which means it’ll be super close to the Earth!   Plus, this is the first of two blue moons in 2018. So it’s not just a lunar eclipse, or a blue moon, or a supermoon. It’s all three – a super blue, blood moon eclipse!  Jennifer’s geeking out! .



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