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U2 Plans Vegas Residency!

U2 is going to do their first residency at the brand new MSG Sphere when it opens in Las Vegas in 2023.

The new 1.8-billion dollar arena is connected to the Venetian Hotel by a thousand foot long pedestrian bridge.

The venue will offer fans “a multi-sensory experience of sound and light inside the largest spherical structure ever created.”

For concerts, the MSG Sphere can hold 20-thousand standing spectators or 17,500 seated guests.

The Sphere will include 160-thousand square feet of interior immersive display video viewing, state-of-the-art spatial audio and an exterior exosphere that changes the building’s look via fully programmable LED technology.”

Billboard says U2 will be the first residency in place at the arena, and that it will “be part of a residency that will be spread out over several months and be performed on non-consecutive days.”

What band would you see multiple times during a residency?