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UK's Royal Mint introduces Elton John commemorative coin


Elton John has already been honored by his home country of the U.K. with a postage stamp; now, he’s getting a commemorative coin to boot.

The coin, now available online, features an image of Elton’s ’80s-era straw boater hat, glasses and a bow tie, set against a Union Jack background.  It’s available in a number of denominations, starting at a five-pound coin for about $16, with your choice of Elton photo holders.

For hardcore collectors, there were coins minted in silver and gold, priced from $75 to $5700, but they’re nearly all sold out.  There is a gold one that weighs a full kilo, but if you want it, you have to call in person, because it’s worth somewhere around $86,000.  Only four are available.

In a statement, Elton says of the coin, “It really is a fabulous honor to be recognized in this way. The last few years have contained some of the most memorable moments of my career, and this is another truly humbling milestone on my journey.”

The Royal Mint and Elton are also working to create a one-off collector’s item, which will be auctioned off later this year to raise money for the Elton John Charitable Trust.

By Andrea Dresdale
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