Flight delays happen more frequently than not nowadays. Weather, waiting for flight crews to arrive from previous delayed flights, maintenance, and, under severe circumstances, security breaches are only a few possible causes, especially ones involving insects.

On Wednesday, there was a different kind of wait for travelers trying to board a flight from Houston to Atlanta: bees on a wing.

Anjali Enjeti, a Twitter user, posted a picture of a swarm of bees that had gathered on a wingtip. She said that until the swarm was exterminated, personnel would not permit passengers to board.

Enjeti revealed on Twitter that although the flight’s captain had said they couldn’t handle the bees, the crew had hoped to bring in a beekeeper.

Delta said in a statement, “Bee-lieve it or not, Delta flight 1682 from Houston-Bush to Atlanta took a delay this afternoon after a friendly group of bees evidently wanted to talk shop with the winglet of our airplanes, no doubt to share the latest about flying conditions at the airport.”

What has been the longest flight delay you have ever experienced in life? How did you spend your time?