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Video Premiere: A Great Big World’s “I Will Always Be There” is “so positive and filled with love”


JUANKRToday, A Great Big World premieres their filmed-at-home-while-quarantining video for “I Will Always Be There.”  The song was released earlier this month, ahead of schedule because, as Ian Axel and Chad King explain, it’s a message people need to hear right now.

“It was pretty obvious,” Ian tells ABC Audio. “I think the first time Chad and I FaceTimed, working from home, we’re like, ‘Let’s get this song out!’ We wrote it before everything happened, but…it felt like it needed to be released now.”

“It feels really good to put out something like this, which is so positive and filled with love,” Chad adds. “Because it feels like everything is super-dark, and we just wanted to put some light into the world.”

“Especially when we’re alone and isolated from each other,” Ian notes. “The message is about togetherness and [how] we can still be there for each other, even though we’re not there physically…And that’s why we’re also donating a portion of the proceeds to Feeding America.”

The video features Ian, Chad, their band and artist Honey Larochelle, who co-wrote the song with the duo.

While A Great Big World isn’t sure if their new album will still be out this summer on schedule, Ian says, “We’re gonna get the music out there somehow and we’re gonna be creative in the ways that we approach it.”

Meanwhile, the duo continue to write songs together using FaceTime. Chad says connecting in that way has been a bright spot during the pandemic.

“Every morning now, I’m FaceTiming my parents and checking in on them,” he says. “And every night I’m FaceTiming with, like, ten family members…And that’s been really awesome, because I feel I have not had that, ever.”

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