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Video Premiere: Be inspired as Andy Grammer sings “Don’t Give Up on Me” with Jerusalem Youth Chorus

Cooper Davidson

Cooper DavidsonIn these crazy times, here’s something that’ll definitely make you feel uplifted: Andy Grammer has recorded a new version of his hit “Don’t Give Up On Me” with the Jerusalem Youth Chorus, a choir made up of both Israeli and Palestinian youth.

Andy recorded with the choir in January, when a friend of his told him that the kids were coming to Los Angeles.  Within 24 hours, he’d arranged a studio session to record the song and the video, which features the kids harmonizing with Andy, as well as singing in Hebrew and in Arabic.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Andy says that the kids get flak from their schools and even their families for being part of a choir that includes both Israelis and Palestinians.

“The bravery, through music, of both sides deciding that they want to do something together is unbelievable,” he says. “I’m so beyond inspired.”

In a statement, Andy sums up the experience by saying, “For me one of the undeniable truths to emerge from this pandemic is that we are all one human race. It literally feels like we are one family going through this together. The most moving part of this choir and this experience was feeling the unity in diversity. No matter where we come from, we are all one.”

Andy originally recorded “Don’t Give Up on Me” for the soundtrack of the 2019 movie Five Feet Apart, but it’s gone on to become an anthem for anyone who’s fighting through hardship — especially those with serious medical issues.

(Behind-the-scenes video contains unedited mild profanity.)

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