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Virus vanquishes ‘Velvet’: Adam Lambert’s stuck at home instead of promoting new album

Joseph Sinclair

Joseph SinclairAdam Lambert’s new album Velvet comes out on Friday, but his promotional appearances in New York City, L.A. and London have all been canceled due to COVID-19.  That means he’s stuck at home like the rest of us, and he tells ABC Audio that he’s trying to make the best of it.

“Well, I am holding up, a little bit of cabin fever, but ultimately, you know, a time to just kind of relax and sort of get quiet and catch up on some TV shows, listen to music,” he says.

“I’ve found myself getting on the phone with a lot of people — a lot of times lately I don’t make phone calls, so that’s been kind of refreshing,” he adds. “And I have a couple of house projects that I’m going to get into over the next week or so…trying to kind of space it out so I don’t run out of things to do!”

So what are his recommendations for how we should fill our free time while confined to our homes?

“As far as any suggestions as to what fans should stream, listen to or watch while quarantining, definitely Velvet by Adam Lambert, that would be great!” he laughs.  “But HBO and Showtime and Netflix. Amazon Prime. Always give me so much to look at. I love all the programming there.”

However, Adam also thinks spending more time listening — really listening — to music, is something we should all do.

“I think getting into sort of albums for a change, you know? We’re in this sort of singles era, but maybe this is the time to sit down and listen to a whole album, sort of old-school style,” he suggests. “And we have the time, don’t we?”  

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